Ghanaians have diverse traditional dishes in each ethnic group, tribe or clan. These food staples are mainly starchy in nature and are enjoyed with either soups or stews.

In the northern part of the country, dishes are mainly made out of millet and sorghum while the southern part has dishes mainly from cassava, plantain and maize.

Some popular dishes to look out for when in Ghana include;

Waakye – boiled rice and beans

Fufu – pounded cassava and plantain/yam and plantain/cocoyam and plantain

Banku – mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough

Red red – beans with oil (palm/vegetable) and ripped plantain

Tuo zafi – prepared with either maize, millet or sorghum

Kenkey – fermented corn dough

Omo tuo – mashed rice into balls

Jollof rice – cooked rice in stew